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  Biotechnology Company Lists

AllMedia provides its customers with an industry-leading variety of Biotechnology Companies lists. Biotech is a growing industry that's on the cutting edge of advances in the life science and healthcare fields. Executives at biotechnology companies are as interested in the latest scientific advances as they are the most current stock market reports. AllMedia is able to get you in touch with Biotechnology Companies with interests in any of the following areas: Antibodies, Antigens, Assays, Autoimmune, Bioinformatics, Biosynthesis, Clinical Trials, Cloning, Clotting, DNA, Drug Delivery, Enzymes, Fusion, Gene Therapy, Genetic Engineering, Genomes, Investigational Drugs, Monoclonal Antibodies, Proteomics, Regeneration, Vaccines, and more!! Don't see a category you'd like to reach? Just contact us for a consultation to find out how we can assist you in acquiring the right list of biotechnology companies targeted to the right audience for you.

What kind of data can you get with a list of Biotechnology Companies?

Almost every list of biotechnology companies will contain a contact name and postal address. Many options are available that will allow you to also obtain telephone numbers, and email addresses. You can also filter by:

  • Job titles such as Quality Assurance, Research and Development, Scientists, Validation, Clinical Trials, and more!
  • Specialization areas
  • Setting - Laboratory, Academic, and more
  • Estimated company revenue and/or employee size
  • Geographic location - US and International
  • And much more - call us today for details!

Are Biotech Company email addresses available?

Absolutely! AllMedia specializes in email address lists, for biotechnology or any other type of company. We can offer you email list options from one-time rentals to outright purchase of email addresses at biotechnology companies.

AllMedia can help you rent or purchase high quality biotechnology company email lists that comply with the CAN-SPAM act and will get your company in front of a targeted audience. Our network of available lists from tested sources is unmatched, and our experience with biotechnology company email lists is top-notch.

What types of lists of Biotechnology Companies are available?

With AllMedia's 30 plus years of experience in the list industry, we can offer you a vast array of Biotechnology Companies Lists. AllMedia is your one-stop source for hundreds of lists containing biotechnology company executives. The sources of these lists vary, but here are a few examples of the sources/types of lists of biotechnology companies available to AllMedia's customers:

  • Trade Publication Subscribers
  • Professional Journal Subscribers
  • Conference Attendees
  • Professional Association Members
  • Custom-Built Databases

Biotechnology Company Lists and More´┐┐.

We have helped clients find accurate, reliable mailing lists since 1981, and we have been helping businesses locate deliverable, effective biotechnology companies lists since 1999. AllMedia is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the national Direct Marketing Association (DMA), and the eMarketing Association.


We have been in business longer than 99% of the list brokers out there, providing outstanding Biotechnology Company Lists that have the highest possible deliverability. Let our team of professional marketers, list brokers, and list researchers give you the edge you need for a more successful campaign. Contact one of our representatives now to find out how!

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To contact a representative about your next campaign,for more information about our Biotechnology Company Lists or how AllMedia can improve the results of your direct or email campaign, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

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