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  Human Resource Executive Email Lists

Human resource executive email lists can give you access to executives with authority over hiring, recruiting, employee benefits, performance incentives, training initiatives, and more. The professionals on human resource executive email lists have buying power and are often decision makers over the purchase of products and services such as: Technology, Employee Training, OSHA compliance, Incentives, Health Insurance, Temporary Services, and many more.

When obtaining human resource executive email lists from AllMedia, you can target your email list to specific job titles and verticals as well. Many of the Human resource executive email lists offered by AllMedia will allow you to refine your list by one or more of the following criteria:

  • Job level - Managers, Directors, VPs, and more>
  • Specific titles - Training, Recruiting, Staffing, Benefits, and more
  • Company size - Number of employees and/or estimated revenue, presence in the Fortune 1000, and more
  • Geographic location - City, state, country, and more

AllMedia can help you rent or purchase high quality human resource executive email lists that comply with the CAN-SPAM act and will get your company in front of a targeted audience. Our network of available lists is unmatched, and our experience with human resource executive email lists is at the top of the industry.


AllMedia is your one-stop source for hundreds of lists containing human resource executive email addresses. The lists we can offer are gathered from a variety of sources such as trade associations, professional journals, catalogs, conferences, and custom-compiled databases. With that type of variety, and all of the possible refinements, quantities will vary, but here are examples of quantities from human resource executives email lists in some popular categories:

  • HR Director Email Addresses 85,000
  • HR Manager Email Addresses 95,000
  • HR VP Email Addresses 27,000
  • Chief HR Officer/Head of HR Email Addresses 2,000
  • Chief Learning Officer Email Addresses 200
  • Benefits Executive Email Addresses 17,000
  • Staffing Executive Email Addresses 6,900
  • Compensation Executive Email Addresses 6,000
  • Incentive Executive Email Addresses 300
  • Training Executive Email Addresses 36,000
  • Recruitment Executive Email Addresses 37,000
  • HR & Staffing Agency Executive Email Addresses 84,000

These are samples of the types of contacts we can provide; if you need something not mentioned above, we can help.


AllMedia doesn't just sell or rent HR email lists. We can improve your results by providing advice about list selection, email creative, results analysis, and CAN-SPAM compliance.

We have helped clients find accurate, reliable postal mailing lists since 1981, and we have helped businesses locate deliverable, effective human resource executive email lists since 1999. AllMedia is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Dallas-Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Association (DFWIMA), the national Direct Marketing Association (DMA), and the eMarketing Association.

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To contact an email list broker about purchasing or renting human resource executive email lists for your next campaign, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your email marketing programs, call us at:(469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

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