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  Accountants Mailing Lists - CPA Mailing Lists

You can reach 1.1 million accountants in the U.S. with your next offer through accountants mailing lists and CPA mailing lists. Most work for large companies, although some are independent business owners who work on contract to personal and corporate clients. Although most accountants don't directly make business and purchasing decisions on their own, in many cases they have influence over those purchases where price is a factor. This is especially true when the purchase directly impacts the accounting department, such as accounting software, office supplies, furniture, etc., and when the accountant is acting as a financial consultant.

There are four main types of accountants that can be targeted through accountants mailing lists: public accountants, who provide accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services; management accountants, who track company income and spending; government accountants, who track government income and spending, and may review business and citizen accounts (e.g. tax returns); and internal auditors, who essentially "double check" to ensure all accounting is correct and procedures are followed.

Each group and even sub-groups have different needs. For example, some people on CPA mailing lists work from their own office while others are employees at large accounting firms. Accountants mailing lists may contain government and corporate accountants, who will obviously have different agendas. It helps to find a common message, or better yet create targeted messages for each sub-group. The more targeted your message and market, the better your results.


At AllMedia, we have decades of experience helping our clients target their primary audience through precise list research. We can find:

  • Accountants in all Sectors
  • Accountants In Top 8 Firms
  • CPAs
  • Hispanic Accountants & CPAs
  • Canadian Accountants
  • PA's (Public Accountants)
  • Notaries
  • Accounting Firms
  • Billing Services
  • Payroll Prep. Services 
  • Accountants At Business Address
  • Accountants At Home Address

We can narrow available accountants mailing lists by various targeting criteria, including:

  • Size Of Firm
  • Type of Accountant
  • Title
  • License Issue Date
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Geographic Area (State, City, County, Zip Code)
  • Ethnicity
  • Homeowner
  • Length Of Residence
  • Income

We can also find those accountants who are independent business owners and sort by business size, location, age of business, recent purchases, and dozens of others.


Simply e-mail or call us directly for your free consultation. Whether you are new to the direct marketing field and have lots of questions, or if you are a seasoned pro, the marketing professionals and list experts at AllMedia can help you increase your sales, your Return on Investment, and most importantly, your bottom line. AllMedia is one of the largest, oldest, and most respected mailing list brokers in the country, and with one click you can find out why. Contact us now.

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