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Direct marketing using address mailing lists is still one of the best types of advertising available to companies who want to boost their sales. Despite the rise of direct email marketing, mail-order or direct mail is still very much alive. This isn't because marketers haven't "kept up with the times" or don't know about email, and it certainly isn't just force of habit. The reason is simple: it works. Direct mail marketing is an excellent strategy for targeting predetermined markets and measuring results. And direct mail offers one of the best Return-on-Investment (ROI) margins of all marketing approaches.

There are several steps to creating an effective direct marketing campaign. First, of course, you need a product or service that will catch people's interest. Then you have to create a compelling marketing package that grabs the reader and makes them want to buy right now. And after you mail it out, you need a method making the sale and measuring the response.

But almost all experts agree, the most important part of your campaign is securing accurate and reliable address mailing lists. If you are taking the time to find a market, gear a message to a specific prospect, and hitting them with repeated packages, you have to make sure that you are actually reaching those potential customers. Sending mail to an old address means that you lose the cost of those marketing packages and you lose the sale. Using clean, up-to-date lists may cost a bit more than those discounted mailing lists you may have seen, but it saves you money many times over in additional sales, profits, and ROI.


Since we founding in 1981, we have dedicated ourselves to customer service. We ensure that our clients receive only the highest quality address mailing lists available on the market and the best price possible. We know the importance of a good mailing list, and your successful campaign today means that you will come back to us tomorrow for your next one. When most marketers find what works, they go with it!

But our customer service extends beyond simple list brokerage. Our team of professional marketers and researchers help you identify who your potential market might be, and then search the over 50,000 available lists to find the best prospects. We can select address mailing lists by hundreds of different variables that you feel are important - and maybe some you didn't think of - including:

  • Geographic Location
  • Home Value
  • Religion
  • Number of Wage Earners
  • Presence of Pets
  • Type of Car
  • Income Level
  • Profession
  • Recent Mail-Order Purchasers
  • Number of Nearby Pizza Parlors
  • And literally hundreds more!

Our research services come at no-charge when you come to AllMedia for your mailing lists.

Contact us now for more information about how AllMedia can secure you the best address mailing lists, and help you launch your most successful campaign yet.


When you choose AllMedia, you almost guarantee better response rates, higher sales and ROI, and most importantly, higher profits. Contact the list broker professionals at AllMedia today for a free consultation and more information about our services. Whether you are looking exclusively for address mailing lists, or have plans for several different marketing campaign including email lists, AllMedia will help you "Address for Success"!

To contact a mailing list broker about your next campaign, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your direct marketing and email marketing programs, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

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