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Finding the right advertising mailing lists is an important part - perhaps the most important step - in creating a successful direct marketing campaign. At AllMedia, we pride ourselves in giving our clients the best service in the industry, finding the most reliable lists and then refining them to target the best prospects so that you increase your response and your sales. Keep in mind that there are other important factors besides your advertising mailing lists to consider when creating your marketing campaign.

Plan Ahead - Don't try to put together a campaign in a week. Give yourself enough time to carefully plan your strategy, create your marketing materials, find your target audience with advertising mailing lists, and mail out at the right time. If you rush to get your great product or service to market, mistakes will be made and the inevitable glitches that happen in any campaign will destroy your tight timelines. Every campaign is different, but expect to have at least a month of preparation time before you launch your offer.

Consult Your Suppliers - Contact all of the subcontractors that you will be dealing with right from DAY ONE including your creative agency, your mailing house, and even your advertising mailing lists broker. Find out what details, materials, etc. that each needs from you and your other subcontractors, and what timelines are realistic for their portion of the project. A common error in direct mail marketing is that the creative agency designs a package that is un-mailable, or more expensive than it has to be. Send a proof to your mailing house before you give your creative agency final approval.

Consider Your Price Point - Although this may sound like basic Marketing 101, the price you set for your product or service will have a tremendous effect on the response to your offer. Do an informal survey of friends and colleagues to get opinions if you are not sure of your price point. A test mailing to your advertising mailing lists will also help (see below).

Send a Test Mailing - Test mailings of approximately 5,000 pieces will help you sharpen your message and discover possible shortcomings in your package. You should have a response/sales rate of 2% or more. If it is lower, then review the key aspects of your campaign including your price point, your marketing message, and your target market - chances are there is something wrong in one or more of these areas. Review the customers who did purchase your offer, and see if you can find any similarities there (e.g. were they all women, all from the same area, all the same age, etc.)


We have been in business longer than 99% of the list brokers out there, providing outstanding advertising mailing lists that have the highest possible deliverability. Let our team of professional marketers, list brokers, and list researchers give you the edge you need for a more successful campaign. Contact one of our representatives now to find out how!

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To contact a representative about your next campaign,for more information about our advertising mailing lists or how AllMedia can improve the results of your direct or email campaign, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

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