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Approximately 32% of Americans, over 94 million people, live in a rental unit, from apartments and rooms-for-rent to condos and retirement communities - and all can be reached through apartment mailing lists. Not surprisingly, most renters live in urban areas where real estate is expensive. New York City has one of the highest numbers of people living in rental units at about 67% of the population. Boston and San Francisco are both "rental towns" too at 64% and 62% respectively. However, smaller urban areas tend to be the "best" cities for renters in terms of affordability and satisfaction. Raleigh, NC leads the way with a score of 91.7, according to Apartment Ratings, Inc., followed by Ann Arbor, MI (87.46), and Fort Wayne, IN (87.29). In fact, apartment mailing lists from these cities may be better for certain direct marketing campaigns since better affordability often means more available cash.

There are many reasons why people live in apartments. Affordability is certainly near the top of the list - more people can afford to rent a $1 million unit than to buy it. There is also less maintenance and fewer responsibilities, no investment risk, fixed expenses in many cases, no large down payment, and it is more convenient for people who travel part of the year. In terms of market needs, single people or couples without children tend to look for entertainment outside of the home more often than homeowners. They also tend to have more money to spend on non-necessities such as restaurants, expensive clothes and accessories, and travel.

Although some plan to always live in a rental unit, again especially in larger urban areas, many plan to eventually buy a house or other living space. These people are usually good prospects for several related products and services such as home loans, insurance needs, home assessment services, moving services, and real estate agent offers.


The best approach to finding your market is to create a profile of your ideal customer before purchasing your apartment mailing lists. Are you looking for consumers who are looking to buy a home, or are you targeting long-term renters? Is your target market working, single, married, retired? Do they travel, or do they enjoy the entertainment options in their own hometown? Some of the demographics above may be irrelevant, but the point is that your best option is to narrow down your focus to precisely the type of person who will be interested in your offer. Don't worry about how to find them - that's where the list brokers at AllMedia come in.

At AllMedia, we have three decades of experience finding targeted prospects in your apartment mailing lists based on specific demographics including:

  • Geographic Location (State, City, ZIP, etc.)
  • Income Level
  • Length of Current Occupancy
  • Presence of Pets/Children
  • Car Owners
  • Type of Rental Unit
  • Marital Status
  • Credit Card Holders

...and many, many more. The more precisely you can target your market, the lower your marketing costs will be and the higher your response. It doesn't take a financial guru to realize that lower costs and higher revenues equals a better bottom line for you!

Contact one of our list brokers today to find out how AllMedia can help improve your next direct marketing campaign - and all at no extra cost to you. Whether you are looking exclusively for apartment mailing lists or in the market for any other type of direct marketing contacts, we can help bring the success that your campaign deserves.

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