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The fastest way to find the contact information for your target audience is to buy a mailing list. Whether you are planning a direct mail campaign, a telemarketing blitz, or an email promotion, buying mailing lists - ones that are accurate and reliable - is the most important step.

However, it is not the first step. Before you look for your market, you must define your target market. It is important to identify as many characteristics about your target market as possible including age, income level, gender, geographic location, etc. Also, consider if your offer will be directed at residential addresses, business addresses, or both. The tighter your scope, the more likely you will get responses and convert those into sales.


AllMedia can help you through every step of the process. Our marketing professionals will review your campaign and make recommendations about who your market may be, and where to find them. AllMedia uses only reliable sources that keep well maintained, accurate, and up-to-date lists. We are an independent company and not affiliated with any list compilers or warehouses, so when we buy mailing lists for you, our decisions are based solely on what will increase the success of your campaign.

And we have buying power. AllMedia purchases millions of names every year on behalf of our clients, making us eligible for the best prices possible - in some cases our lists cost 50% less than the same list offered by our competitors. We pass that savings on to you so that you are guaranteed the best price possible.

AllMedia also has access to specialty records not available to the public, giving you even more options when buying your mailing lists.


When you buy mailing lists with contact names you are not actually buying the mailing list, you are renting them. Most owners rent lists for one-time use only, while some have different agreements such as unlimited 12-month usage. Contacting customers on the list more than the rental agreement allows is both unethical and illegal; the list owner places "decoy" contacts in the list you purchase to ensure this does not happen.

An owner may refuse to rent a list to you for any reason, but this usually occurs when the owner feels the content is not appropriate for the list members. You may have to send us a copy of your marketing materials to forward for their approval.

List costs vary, usually from $60 to $100 per thousand names. Generally speaking the more you pay for a list, the more reliable or useful that list is. However this isn't always true. The best way to ensure reliability is to use AllMedia's brokerage services when you buy mailing lists.

Once a customer responds to your offer, that contact can then go into your own customer list. AllMedia will give you suggestions for collecting and storing your own data. We can also broker an exchange of your contact list with other renters if such a deal is agreeable to both of you.

LIST BREAKDOWN [back to top]

There are two main types of lists: compiled and response. Compiled lists are excellent for saturation campaigns because they are gathered from public records and tend to focus on small geographic areas. Response lists are made up from company customer files like magazine subscriptions, and tend to focus on specific areas of interest. The type that is best for you will depend on your campaign, and should be determined before you buy mailing lists.


When you buy mailing list it can be complicated, but that is why AllMedia is here to help. We'll ensure that you get the best, most reliable lists at the best price possible. And we'll take care of narrowing down your lists to find the best prospects for your offer. With AllMedia, you'll increase response, increase your Return on Investment, and most importantly you'll increase your sales.

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To contact one of our mailing list brokers to buy mailing lists, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your direct marketing, email, telemarketing programs, or online advertising call us at:(469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100