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compiled mailing lists  Compiled Mailing Lists

Compiled mailing lists are very useful for finding a wide range of people. As the name implies, these lists are often compiled from a variety of official sources such as telephone directories and government sources like professional registrations and trade license applications. This provides a high level of accuracy for certain demographic selects such as age, occupation, and income level. Compiled mailing lists can also come from other sources including private membership lists, trade mailing lists, and house-to-house canvassing.

However, compiled mailing lists also have a downside. First and most obvious is their size - there are often millions of names available, many more than the average direct marketer can use. And except for trade-specific lists, compiled mailing lists do not tell you much about who the people are, what interests them - and most importantly, whether they would be likely to purchase your products or services.

The list brokers at AllMedia Inc. can help you find out that crucial information by researching both compiled and response lists for a winning combination of reliability and detailed information.

AllMedia List Brokers Pinpoint Your Customers in Compiled Mailing Lists

The main reason direct marketing is also called "targeted marketing" is that you identify who your customer is ahead of time, and present an irresistible offer to guarantee a great campaign. This approach depends on two factors for success - effectively identifying your target market, and ensuring that you can reach them.

The list brokers at AllMedia Inc. can help you on both accounts. First, we review your campaign and help you identify who might be interested in your offer. We have years of experience researching lists, and in many cases we will be able to help you narrow your search even further by finding certain targeting criteria that you may not have thought of before now. For example, it is somewhat obvious that you need to target boat owners with your high-tech sailing equipment. But we can help you narrow your focus even further by identifying active sailors, including those who regularly enter boat races and therefore are looking for every edge they can get.

Using AllMedia to broker and research your compiled mailing lists also gives you another advantage: reliability. There are literally thousands of mailing lists available in the United States, and some are better than others. Usually though, it is difficult to tell the difference just by visiting their websites. But our list brokers know where to find the most reliable lists that lead to higher delivery rates and ultimately better response.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Whether you are ready to purchase your compiled mailing lists today or you are just starting to plan your marketing campaign, the list brokers at AllMedia Inc. can help you plan for success!

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