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Computer mailing lists from AllMedia are very useful for identifying households that have computers. Although it seems these days that "everyone" has a computer, the fact is that, at most, 75% of Americans have one or more computers in the home. In other words, unless you use computer mailing lists to confirm the presence of a computer, almost 25% of the people you send your offer to may have no use for it. And that's a lot of wasted, expensive packages.

AllMedia can help you find several different demographics that will help pinpoint specific computer users. For example, approximately 25% of households have two or more computers, and 10% have three or more. Of those with multiple computers, only 32% have networked them. If you are selling network products, you may be interested in those who haven't yet networked or those who have, depending on your offer. Our list brokers can find you computer mailing lists that will identify consumers in either category.

But this is just an illustration of how specific computer mailing lists can help you reach your customers. There are hundreds of computer-related demographics that you can select, including:

  • Type or Brand of Computer (PC, Mac, etc.)
  • Type of Operating Software (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • Internet Users
  • Specific Peripherals (Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera)
  • Weekly Computer Usage
  • Home-Based Business Computers
  • Magazine Subscribers
  • Niche Markets (Amateur Programmers, Classic Computer Hobbyists, Specific Programs)
  • New Learners
  • Recent Mail Order Purchasers

...and many more. We can also cross-reference your computer mailing lists with those from other sources to narrow down your search to:

  • Homeowners or Renters
  • Specific Income Bracket
  • Car Owners
  • Pet Owners
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education Level

...and others. We can even find IT professionals or members of other computer-related specialties who have specific needs or particular buying habits. And in the case of business-to-business offers, our list brokers can help you find network administrators, purchasing officers, and other people in a position to buy or influence the purchasing decisions through computer mailing lists.


Not all list brokers are alike. With AllMedia Inc., you get the piece of mind knowing that we will locate reliable, deliverable computer mailing lists without the hassle of negotiating the deal yourself. Plus, you get the extra services we provide like extensive list research using sophisticated data mining techniques to find your target market.

Learn more by calling one of our list brokers now, or email us for more information about how computer mailing lists from AllMedia will make the difference in your next direct marketing campaign.

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