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AllMedia can help you target your marketing efforts more effectively by finding you the most reliable, accurate sources for your direct mail lists. Unlike most other list brokers, we take that one step further by learning about your campaign and identifying the most qualified prospects that are ready to buy now. Your direct mail lists are the most important aspect of your campaign because even the best offer in the world will not sell if you are targeting the wrong people.

But direct mail lists are not the only part of the process. There are many pitfalls that even experienced direct marketing experts fall into - and if this is your first campaign there are a few major mistakes that you can avoid.


The most common mistakes are usually the most obvious. Crafting your message and ensuring your sales pitch and offer are just right are very important, but proofreading your direct mail message is vital. Marketers often forget to carefully proofread their own mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number. If your customers cannot reply to your offer, you are not only out all your sales, but the cost of your campaign as well.

There are also other mailing mistakes other than using the wrong direct mail lists that can sabotage your campaign. Most of these revolve around the USPS postal bar code. Make sure that your graphics will not cover the barcode or confuse the barcode reader. If USPS equipment cannot read it, you will not receive the highest possible bulk discount, possibly resulting in thousands of dollars in extra postage costs. The best way to avoid this mistake is to send a proof to your mailing house before you go into full printing.

In fact, it is always a good idea to contact your mailing house as far ahead as possible, even if your graphic design company claims to be a direct mail expert. Not only will they be able to help you ensure that the barcode placement is correct, they can help you avoid other mistakes like envelopes that are too big for maximum mailing discounts, packages that are too heavy, and marketing materials that are not compatible with automated stuffing equipment. All of these unfortunate events could add even more cost to your mailing.

PLAN AHEAD [back to top]

It takes time to produce a campaign that will get you the best results. Rush jobs can invariably contain errors that will impact your response rate, ROI, and sales. Give yourself two or three months to properly plan your marketing piece, obtain your direct mail lists, and mail out your campaign.

It is often a good idea to do a test mailing of a few thousand pieces before sending out the full campaign. This will help you identify weak areas in your offer. AllMedia will also be able to hone your target market even further, identifying which demographics seem to respond best to your offer.

And don't expect to get the best possible response rate from only one mailing. Once you have your market identified and your message sharpened, send out several times to the same direct mail lists. Although you will have to rent these lists each time you use them, it will pay off in the long run. Many people may pass on your offer the first time, but grab it on the second or third mailing. AllMedia can assist you by obtaining re-use or multi-use pricing and rights for each of the direct mail lists you decide to use.


Get your direct mail lists from AllMedia, and make sure you find the people who are most likely to by your product. We work directly with your marketing team, sending analytical feedback about the demographics of your customers based on our research and your test results. And we provide your mailing house with your direct mail lists in any format they require. Contact us and find out how AllMedia will keep your next direct mail campaign on target.

CONTACT US TODAY [back to top]

To contact a mailing list broker about direct mail lists, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your direct marketing programs, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

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