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Direct marketing lists from AllMedia are your key to higher sales, higher conversion rates, and a better ROI. That's because our marketing experts and list researchers learn your campaign inside and out before we find your lists. After all, how can we know where to find your customers if we don't know who they are first? Many list brokers are motivated by the quick sale, but we get to know our clients and build long-term relationships. We have built our business since 1981 by helping our clients build theirs.

There are many aspects about your direct marketing lists that must be considered to get you the best response possible. First, you have to identify what type of person is most likely to buy your product. Some indicators might be obvious - for example if you are learning toys for toddlers, then your target market is parents or parents-to-be. But there are hundreds of other variables that can narrow your search even further, if you know what to look for.


At AllMedia, we know how to find out exactly who your market is, and where to find them through list research. There are over 50,000 direct marketing lists available, from thousands of different sources. Magazine subscriptions, opt-in lists, memberships, educational lists, religious affiliations, company lists, public records, customer lists - and many that are not available to the public. And some sources are more accurate than others. We have the expertise and the resources to evaluate the direct marketing lists that are available and consider the list demographics and source when making our direct marketing list recommendation to you. After decades of helping clients across almost every industry, we will be able to quickly identify your next possible customer from a list of millions.

Once we find your direct marketing lists, we negotiate the best price possible. Because AllMedia is one of the largest mailing list companies in the country, our buying power can get huge discounts over our competitors' rates, up to 50% less in some cases. We also take care of all the details, including submitting your marketing materials to the list owners for approval, and formatting the lists for easy labeling. And when you start collecting responses and new customers, we can manage and maintain your in-house list as well. Through AllMedia, you can rent your own lists out for a secondary revenue stream.


Contact AllMedia today to find out how we can improve the success of your campaign through direct marketing lists research. Our team of professional marketers will give you the edge you need to identify your target market and find out where they are. Email us or talk to a live representative right now!

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Contact AllMedia today for more information on how we can research, compile, and purchase your targeted direct marketing lists! Contact us today at: (469) 467-9100 or

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