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  Doctor Mailing Lists

There are many marketers who use doctor mailing lists as their sole or primary source of targeted contacts. This is an obvious market for many reasons including, of course, their income level. The average Family Practice doctor earns over $145,000 per year. But even that is peanuts compared to the over $850,000 salary that some specialists like heart surgeons can make. And although the percentage of doctors versus the rest of the population is relatively small - not even half a percent - it is still a huge market. In 2010, there were over 954,000 physicians and specialists registered with the American Medical Association (AMA); medical schools have graduated 15,000 to 16,000 more doctors every year since 1980.

This lucrative market consumes many luxury items such as high-end cars, all-inclusive vacations, and other big-ticket goods. The doctors themselves are not always the decision makers when it comes to purchases either. With their busy schedules it is often other family members who are making the actual purchase decisions. Before you purchase your doctor mailing lists, it may be worth considering whether targeting these other family members directly might be your best strategy.


Doctors are unique because they are essentially small businesses as well, and need the same office equipment and supplies as any other business would. Obviously their needs are somewhat specialized in many areas, and doctors are open to many different products and services that will help them care for their patients better and allow the office to run more efficiently. Reach the doctors and their staff using our doctor mailing lists. (Incidentally, it's important to note that doctors usually do make the final decision on office-related purchases, though staff members have varying degrees of influence.)


AllMedia can help you connect with this lucrative market with your consumer or office supply products and services. Since 1981, we have helped some of the most prominent marketers in America obtain the doctor mailing lists that make their direct marketing campaigns a success —  and we want to do the same for you. Our team of marketers, list brokers, and list researchers work with you, getting to know your product and campaign before recommending the best possible prospects from a list of thousands. We can help you narrow your search based on several different factors such as:

  • Specialty and sub-specialty
  • Geographic location
  • Single-office doctors
  • Doctors attached to clinics or hospitals
  • Practicing or non-practicing
  • Recently certified
  • Medical students
  • And hundreds more

We have access to many reliable sources, including some not available to the general public. And because we purchase millions of names every year, our bulk rates help you save money with every list you rent.


Don't settle for inaccurate doctor mailing lists from unreliable sources. Work with the professionals at AllMedia and see how our team can help you convert more sales. Contact us today.

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