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Why are education mailing lists so useful? In 2008, the United States spent over $800 billion in all areas of education including textbooks, office supplies, computers and technology, construction, maintenance, and a host of other products and services from non-industry companies. While this number has remained about the same over the past 5 years, there is private spending done by teachers, students, and administrators on books, educational toys, and other teaching related products - which is estimated at another $1.3 billion. Whether you are targeting schools and institutions or individual consumers, direct marketing campaigns using education mailing lists can give you the best results.

AllMedia can help you find the education mailing lists that contain your target audience, including some markets you may not have even considered. We can help you reach the over 5.5 million education-industry workers including:  [back to top]

  • Administrators
  • Superintendents
  • Purchasing managers
  • Federal program directors
  • Technology coordinators
  • Principals
  • Public school teachers
  • Private school teachers
  • Public or private colleges
  • Deans
  • Department chairs
  • Professors
  • Coaches
  • Distance education faculty
  • Special education faculty
  • Other educators and support staff

In most cases, we can compile a contact list for you that includes name, address, phone number, and even email addresses.


AllMedia's expert list researchers know which lists come from reliable sources, and which ones won't generate the response you expect. For example, the K-12 market has an annual turnover of 20%, and if you have a list that is even a year or two old, you could be wasting time and money following customers who are no longer there.

We broker lists on your behalf to get the best pricing possible, and to obtain education mailing lists not available to the public. These come from a variety of sources including college catalogs, websites, school directories, class schedules, higher education periodicals, accrediting associations, and other related sources.


Education encompasses a broad market, and different people have different interests. Our marketing team knows how to narrow these lists to give you the best leads possible - the people most likely to respond to your offer and increase your sales. We can highlight different sub-categories such as:

  • Teachers by grade
  • Teachers/faculty by subject taught
  • Teachers/faculty by class size
  • Schools by size
  • Schools by geographic location
  • Colleges/universities by specialties
  • Schools by religion
  • Private schools by specialties
  • Administrators by title, position, department
  • Hundreds of different demographic groupings


Contact AllMedia today to find out how our list brokerage, list research, and marketing services can help you get the quality education mailing lists that will bring you the results you are looking for: (469) 467-9100 or

AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100