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  Email Address Lists

There are many companies offering email address lists today, but few have the reliability and longevity of AllMedia. Since 1999, we have provided our clients with quality, reliable email address lists that reach their target markets and get results. With the dawn of the World Wide Web, marketers have discovered a whole new method of connecting with customers, and AllMedia has been there every step of the way.

AllMedia offers only quality email address lists from reliable sources to our clients. We use the highest quality email address lists to find the customers who have already expressed an interest in products or services like yours. We also help to ensure that you are in full compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.


Our services don't stop at simply finding your lists. We also research those lists and identify the demographics that will best represent your target market. Like direct mail and telemarketing lists, we can analyze your lists to find out who is most likely to be interested in and respond to your offer. AllMedia's professional email address list researchers will be able to sort for:

  • Geographic location
  • Income level
  • Age
  • Home ownership
  • Profession
  • Industry
  • Presence of children
  • - And literally hundreds of other variable that can directly impact the success of your campaign

Not only can we sort these email address lists, our years of expertise in the direct marketing industry means that we know exactly what demographics to look for.


Our comprehensive services allow you to choose exactly how much work you want to do. Turn to AllMedia for simple broker and list research services for your email address lists, hire us to complete your whole campaign, or outsource anything in between. We can help you find your market, send out your campaign, and we even offer design services for your HTML email message with our team of professional designers. The more AllMedia services you use, the higher your ROI, the more sales you'll close, and the less work for you.


Our client service and attention to detail are exceptional. AllMedia builds long-term relationships with our clients because we know that the successful campaign we help you design today means that you will come back to us again tomorrow. Whether you are simply in the market for quality email address lists or you need some extra help with your campaign, trust AllMedia to come through for you.

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To contact an email list broker for email address lists for your next campaign, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your email marketing programs, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or email us at

AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100