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  Email List Broker

With the explosion of the Internet in the late nineties, AllMedia found a new marketing method: direct email. As an expert email list broker, we can help you locate hard-to-find email lists - many of which are not available to the public. These are quality, opt-in email lists collected from a variety of sources including e-zine subscriptions (for example the New England Journal of Medicine), past online orders, and addresses collected from company website visitors.

Unlike bulk email lists used for SPAM, every email address on the lists we obtain is from people who have requested (or "opted-in" for) information on products and services that interest them. Not only does this approach reduce spamming, but it also means that you have a higher response rate to your campaign. In fact, email marketing has recently passed PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing as the best ROI. New research from DoubleClick shows that 88% of previous customers made another purchase when contacted with an email offer, and 33% did so immediately.

However the greatest challenge is to find lists with accurate addresses. People and companies tend to change email addresses more often than their street address. AllMedia is an email list broker who knows which lists are kept up-to-date, which have had successful results in the past, and which are not so reputable. With AllMedia in your corner, you can be sure that the lists that you rent will be the most accurate and most recent lists available at the best possible price.


By the very nature of email marketing, results are even more measurable than that of traditional direct marketing. Since email can have several - even dozens - of clickable links, you can pinpoint exactly which portions of your message attracted your potential customers the most.

But why do all the research yourself when there is a better shortcut? AllMedia has brokered millions of email addresses over the years, and we have compiled an extensive knowledge base detailing which email campaigns worked, and most importantly why they worked. We know what type of message elicits the most positive responses, how visuals and graphics can work to your advantage, and how to layout your email message to highlight your most important points so that your target audience can see your main message at the slightest glance.


Founded in 1981, AllMedia is one of the oldest direct marketing companies around today. We became an email list broker before the term even existed. Our years of experience in both email marketing and direct marketing give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. We can do it all, from advising you on your campaign approach, to finding the right email list to use, to sending out your message to you target audience (which may be impossible for you to do yourself if your ISP or hosting company does not allow mass mailing).

AllMedia has acted as an email list broker for several high-profile companies like Microsoft, Xerox, Toshiba, Cisco Systems, and Nokia. If these Internet-savvy corporations trusted us with their email lists, you can to.

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To contact a email list broker about your next campaign, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your email marketing programs, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

AllMedia Inc. Your reliable email list broker and marketing partner.

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