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ClickBack provides a proven and reliable email prospecting system that allows you to generate quality B-to-B lead generation through the sending of non-opted-in email communications. Most email service providers do not allow this; ClickBack does!

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A well-designed message delivered to a quality opt in email lists will produce results. Let AllMedia research available opt in email list options for your audience, ensure CAN-SPAM compliance, maximize deliverability by avoiding spam filters and improve the response of your next email campaign.

As your email list broker we will help you find the right opt in email lists that will meet your marketing goals. We will thoroughly investigate the source of the opt-in email lists to ensure that our list recommendations are accurate. In addition, we will find lists that have selections that meet your criteria so you can effectively reach your target audience.

AllMedia's proprietary hosting and response tracking system allows us to analyze who opened your emails, which links produced responses which allows us to further refine your future direct email marketing campaigns for increased ROI.

Sending out an email to thousands of people and hoping for an excellent response is not an effective use of your marketing dollars. We will help you define goals for your campaign and track your responses to give you actionable results you can use to improve your next email marketing campaign.

Successful email marketing campaigns are a result of testing, testing, and more testing until your creative, opt in email lists and sales offer results in the highest ROI (Return on Investment) possible.

Once your control email is established, then it is time to do A/B testing on your control. Our technology allows us to send two different emails out to two different parts of your opt in email lists and then calculate opens and click thrus for the two separate campaigns. Since we are able to do simultaneous A/B testing on your opt in email list, we can remove variables that can affect your results, such as sending your list on different days of the week, hours of the day, and to the same people.

CAN-SPAM compliance creates customer trust, avoids costly fines and allows the maximum number of emails to make it to their intended recipients. AllMedia follows all of the CAN-SPAM legislation closely and will ensure your email adheres to the guidelines for acceptable email marketing according to these regulations. By adhering to the law, you will make your recipients more willing to read your emails and buy your products because they know their email is coming from a legitimate source.

Spam Filters and Scoring
In order for your emails to make it to the companies and individuals on your opt in email lists or a rented email address list, your email has to be designed to pass spam filters. Notoriously stringent spam filters are utilized by AOL, Yahoo and many large corporations. Spam filters look for keywords, spacing in subject lines, large images, etc. Our spam software assigns points to your email after looking for over 1000 variables. Your email is considered to be spam if it exceeds a certain point level. If your email does receive a high spam point level we will tell you what problems we found and then advise you on fixing them.

Tracking Individual Behaviors
Tracking the total number of opens and click-thru's is standard for most email campaigns, however at AllMedia we go one step further by tracking individual email recipients click-thru behavior. Our technology will allow you to see which individuals clicked on a particular link or which link was clicked on by a group of people. The advantage of this technology is that you will be able to send a targeted follow up email or direct mail piece to the individuals who have expressed an interest for certain products. Our tracking is updated in real-time so you can watch the success of your email campaign unfold by the minute.


If your need more information on email lists or need a free email list recommendation please contact us at:

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