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  Government Mailing Lists

There are over 70,000 federal, state, county, and city governments in the United States spending almost $3.8 trillion every year - and you can connect with them through government mailing lists. Government executives, administrators, and purchasing managers often have the power to purchase goods and services on their own. At the federal level, for example, employees with purchase cards can make "micropurchases" of up to $3,000 at their own discretion.

But limiting yourself to Federal government mailing lists will cut you out of a large segment of the market. There are over 25 U.S. cities with revenues of over $1 billion. In most cases budgets can't be carried over to the next year; up to 40% of departmental budgets are spent in a 2-3 month period before the government's fiscal year end to ensure that there is no money left over.

Governments purchase many types of goods or services including office supplies, computer equipment and software, contractors, books and publications, seminars and continuing education courses, vehicles, furniture, technology, and everyday consumer goods. But for best results, you do need to know how to market your product to this niche market and which government mailing lists to use.

Target your market appropriately. Executives and project managers look for product benefits that will help them do their job more efficiently. Purchasing managers and other "non-end users" focus more on price and delivery.

Send multiple packages. Not everyone will respond to your offer on the first mailing, and 3-5 mailings of the same offer will usually increase the ROI of your whole campaign. Ask your AllMedia contact about multi-use mailing list options.

Plan for year-end. This is the time when government workers are looking for ways to spend the last of their budget dollars - and also the time when many marketers make their main push. Discounts and other special deals will help your offer stand out. (Note: government employees generally cannot accept personal gifts attached to offers, so offering promotional items as incentives may actually work against you.)

Get to the point and make it easy to respond. State your offer as quickly as possible, especially near year-end, and offer easy reply methods.

Find the right government mailing lists. Like all direct mail campaigns, your mailing list is the most important tool - if you don't have an accurate list you won't reach your customers effectively.


We have over two decades of experience helping marketers connect with their customers. As one of the country's largest and most respected list brokers, we can get lists from the most reliable sources including:

  • Governing Magazine
  • Government Technology
  • Federal Computer Week
  • NASA Tech Briefs Magazine
  • American Correctional Association
  • and many more

And as list professionals, we can often target these lists to find the type of managers and employees by:

  • Party affiliation
  • Elected or appointed
  • Geographic area
  • Job function
  • Job title (for example: Mayor, County Commissioner)
  • Population size of governed region
  • Agency size
  • Government-level spending
  • Department-level spending

AllMedia can also break out your best prospects by department function including:

  • Agriculture Departments
  • Enforcement
  • Finance
  • Health & Human Services
  • Justice
  • Legal Affairs
  • Transportation
  • Personnel
  • Homeland Security
  • Community Development
  • Public Safety
  • Department of Defense and its contractors

In fact there are hundreds of different selects that we can use to find the government mailing lists that will get you a higher response, higher sales, and the best ROI possible.

Use AllMedia and Get Your Campaign on Track

AllMedia's professional marketing team can help you with every step of your marketing plan from campaign consulting and securing the right government mailing lists to response tracking and follow-up. With AllMedia, the proof will be in your results. Contact us now!

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