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There is no shortage of health insurance sales leads. A USA Today report stated that 43.6 million Americans don't have health insurance, a number that represents 15% of the population. Some of those people have consciously chosen not to purchase coverage, but as you well know attitudes can change when life takes a turn: marriage, children, a new house, etc. There are people looking for health insurance right now; the key is to find those people.

There are dozens of companies on the Internet advertising "solid" health insurance sales leads, almost guaranteeing results. The truth is, some of these companies have accurate, timely leads that will convert to sales while others are not as reliable. The trick is to determine which list will meet your needs.

ALLMEDIA CAN HELP  [back to top]

As a leads list broker, AllMedia will work for you to identify the reliable lists from those that are not worth your money. We negotiate the list cost on your behalf so you know that you are getting the lowest price possible. You'll save money, and you'll get higher conversion and ROI rates.

But just because a list of health insurance sales leads comes from a reliable source doesn't mean that it is the right list for you. AllMedia becomes your partner, reviewing your sales campaign from top to bottom so that we understand your goals and objectives. Then we match the best list to your campaign, and break out the most promising leads selected by:

  • Geographic location
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status
  • Presence of children
  • New parents
  • SOHO and small business owners
  • New homeowners/mortgage owners

...and several other demographics that will narrow the scope to meet your target market, enhancing your chances for conversion.


You can increase the probability of conversion by developing your own health insurance sales leads through a pre-sales prospecting campaign. AllMedia has the resources and the know-how to develop your leads for you at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. Our experienced team of professionals have helped thousands of clients with their sales and marketing campaigns. We can even help you with your post-sales follow-up including calculating conversion rates, compiling a call-back list, and managing customer and lead lists.

With AllMedia designing and executing your pre-sales, chances are you'll find that many "leads" are actually sales that just need to be closed by your sales team.


AllMedia has served clients with their sales and marketing needs since 1981. We can customize a package of services that meet your needs too, whether it is simply brokering health insurance sales leads or managing your whole campaign. Contact us today and find out how AllMedia can boost your conversion rates, ROI, and your sales.

CONTACT US  [back to top]

If you are interested in finding out more about our health insurance sales leads brokering services, or want to learn more about our sales campaign marketing and management, contact us today at: (469) 467-9100 or

AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100