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  Homeowner Mailing Lists

Homeowner mailing lists from the list brokers at AllMedia Inc. are accurate, recent, and reliable, and can open the doors to a very lucrative market. As any homeowner will tell you, buying and maintaining a house brings on a whole new set of responsibilities and expenses. Many are looking for ways to make home maintenance and renovations faster and easier. In this day and age of double incomes, kids, and busy family lives, "puttering around the house" is a luxury that many cannot afford. Direct marketers who stress timesaving tend to do very well with the customers they target on a homeowner mailing list.

Today, the more detailed you are in targeting homeowners in your market, the better your response rate will be. Knowing that a person has owned their house for a number of years and has an income level that equates to being able to afford their home, maintain it, AND have the discretionary income to buy your product, means that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. And, smart marketing equals more sales!

Another way you can improve the success of your marketing campaign by keeping a different narrow focus. New homeowner mailing lists are an excellent way to boost response for three main reasons. First, new homeowners purchase more goods and services in the first six months of living in their new home than they do in the following two years. If you are marketing locally, it is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to families new to the neighborhood who are actively looking for businesses to meet their needs. And new homeowner mailing lists also provide an even higher level of accuracy -people move all the time, which can lead to undeliverable mail but new homeowners are obviously less likely to have moved by the time your package has arrived.


There are literally thousands of possibilities when it comes to creating your homeowner mailing lists. The list brokers at AllMedia Inc. bring you something that no other list provider can: our expert research services. Not only do we find you the reliable, accurate lists that will guarantee better deliverability, but we can find your targeted customers through a variety of research methods using literally hundreds of possible demographic selects including:

  • Geographic location
  • Home Value
  • Mortgage Value
  • Household Income
  • Presence of Pool
  • Presence of Children
  • Type of Dwelling
  • Purchase Date

...and many more. We can narrow the field even further by searching for other homeowner indicators such as religious affiliation, hobbies, memberships, and more. No matter how detailed your "ideal customer" composite, we can find them in your homeowner mailing list.

Contact one of our list brokers today to find out how AllMedia can take your marketing campaign to a new level. Whether you are looking for homeowner mailing lists or any other type, partner with AllMedia for better response, better results, and a better bottom line.

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To contact a mailing list broker about homeowner mailing lists, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your direct marketing programs, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

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