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AllMedia International is the international list rental division of AllMedia. Unlike many list rental companies, who will tell you they can "handle" international list rental inquiries, AllMedia International is dedicated to worldwide list work. In fact, many list companies who specialize in North American lists alone, make AllMedia International their first call when their clients decide to go global and rent international mailing lists.

AllMedia International has stood strong through the various market influxes due to the economy, terrorism, and global politics over the recent years. AllMedia International is globally minded - we understand that what you see on the news tonight may seriously alter your international mailing list plan tomorrow.


- Access to every international mailing list available worldwide
- Our network of contacts and partners within the international mailing list community around the world
- Our experience in working with international mailing lists - over the years, we have developed relationships with   mailing list brokers, managers, and owners around the world.


List Brokerage:

Why have a separate domestic and international list broker, when you can incorporate both into one? AllMedia International knows that "worldwide" includes North America, so our knowledge of mailing lists is not exclusive to just outside our own borders. We provide one-stop international list brokerage solutions for mailers who need expertise that knows no borders. AllMedia International is one of the few international list brokers who can offer truly worldwide list services - with the same contact person for all list needs.

List Management:

Not all international lists are the same - we strive to manage only lists where the list source is clearly disclosed. At AllMedia International, we have seen our fair share of lists with questionable sources, especially international mailing lists. We will not manage a list that does not have a clearly defined, and logical list source.

If you have international mailing list needs, or if you own an international mailing list you would like us to manage, please contact Laura McClendon at (469) 467-9100 x100.


AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100