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Internet marketing can be used to develop an online presence for your company and can improve your sales and brand awareness. AllMedia has the experience and in-house technical knowledge and software to implement your online marketing campaigns. Whether you are a small company trying to let your customers know about a weekend sale or a large corporation whose mission is customer retention or corporate branding, we can help.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of changing your site so it will rank higher in search engine results for keywords that best describe your products. Search engine optimization involves two areas of expertise which are natural search engine optimization and paid search marketing services. They both play an equally important role in getting your website to come up in the top 10 results in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, AskJeeves, etc.).

Search engine optimization is quickly becoming commonplace in current marketing plans for many companies because the return on investment (ROI) for acquiring new clients is much higher than many other traditional marketing methods. AllMedia's expertise as well as in-house software allows us to understand your current online campaigns and goals, upon which we can build a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Upon deciding to increase your website traffic and sales through an optimization campaign, we will discuss all of the steps we are going to implement to increase your rankings in the search engines. We pride ourselves on using methods that will achieve long-term search positioning results for your company.

Search engine optimization is broken down into natural SEO, Paid Search Marketing, and Paid Inclusion.

-Organic Search Optimization-
Natural Search Engine optimization starts with a thorough understanding of your current website and its ranking in the search engines. Each page in your website will be edited to create a complete website that is easily searched by search engines. We will edit the coding, keywords, content, and links on every page.

Your off page optimization will involve evaluating all of the other web sites that are linked to your website as well as looking at your server settings and making sure your server is in good standing with current search engines. We will increase your external linking through a comprehensive linking strategy.

If you sell to only one market or geographical location we will optimize your site so you will be come up in search results for your area and expertise.

-Paid Search Marketing-
In addition to creating traffic naturally there are many ways to create traffic quickly through paid search services. This method can create excellent results for your website. The important thing to analyze when creating a paid search campaign is evaluating return on investment (ROI). At AllMedia we will design your paid marketing strategy and the creative to get clicks. We strongly believe in evaluating the ROI on each campaign we implement and utilize the industry leading bidding optimization software that can monitor and quickly change thousands of keywords and bid prices by the minute. When your your strategy involves using banner ads as well as very popular search marketing providers including Overture and Google.

If you only service a certain city or geographical area there are many ways that paid search marketing can push potential clients to your website. If you are not using local search it is more than likely your competitors are. Call us to discuss your options.

-Paid Inclusion-
Several large search engines are called paid inclusion search engines. They require that you pay a fee for them to add your website to their database. We will discuss all of these options with your evaluation.

Directories play an ever increasing role in search engine optimization. Google in particular ranks web pages based on the number of incoming links to a particular page. Because of the emphasis on linking for achieving excellent results in google, it is imperative that you must have a comprehensive linking strategy involving reciprocal linking to other similar sites as well as well as being listed in directories. Directories serve dual purposes which are improving your incoming links and also creating traffic by themselves. When evaluating which directories to go into there are several considerations involving how your link is actually coded into the page as well as how many other links are on the particular directory page that you want to be on. We will develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to help you create links to your pages.

Server Optimization
Making sure your server is in good standing with search engines is an important part of optimizing. At AllMedia we will make sure that your server is not blacklisted from search engines.


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