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  Linking Strategy

A comprehensive linking strategy is crucial to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. It can be a complex and time-consuming process, finding the right sites to complement your own web pages and then approaching those webmasters to include your link. Outsourcing can improve your bottom line in the long run because your site will get noticed faster so you can start generating sales sooner.

AllMedia has the skill, resources, and knowledge to take care of all the details for you, quickly creating and executing your linking strategy to increase your search engine ranking.

The top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN all count incoming links as a positive vote when ranking your site. Some search engines rely almost completely on the number of external links to your site. The reason for this is that your links are a measure of relevancy and trust. The whole purpose of a search engine is to return web pages that most closely match the search words, or in other words, are most relevant to the keyword phrase the user typed in. Trust ties in because if more sites are linking to you regarding that information, then the more people who trust what you are saying is true. It is just like if Joe's Website reported a bank robbery, you would be less likely to believe it than if you read it on the CNN website.


In the old days, it was easy to get links pointing to your site to boost your relevancy. But search engines are bit more savvy today, and if your site is listed on a massive link page or "link farm", it will actually count against you. Some engines like Google and Yahoo! might actually remove you from their databases altogether, considering these linking methods as a form of search engine spam.

There are other pitfalls to avoid when conducting a linking strategy as well. For example, links listed in JavaScript code will not be recognized. Neither will redirect links, or links from unrelated websites. In fact, there are several missteps that can hurt or even disqualify your site from placement in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

At AllMedia, our SEO experts know how to set up a linking strategy that will increase your search ranking - and know what hazards to avoid. We can identify where the best places are to include your link, and we have already developed a proven message that will get webmasters to add your site almost every time. And, we can get your site included in the 50 top "search engine friendly" directories. In additon, allowing websites to use your content (content syndication) will develop links and enhance your reputation.


AllMedia will also send optimized news releases to over 50,000 news sources, many of which will store your release on the Net indefinitely. This method will also help your public relations exposure, and could lead to an article or news report about your website.

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