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While competition for advertising dollars has hit an all time high, direct marketing maintains its place as a viable and fiscally responsible means to advertise and develop new business. Direct mail interacts with other media in the overall media mix. Major advertisers often run print, television, radio and email advertisements in addition to direct mail campaigns, as a way to enhance response rates and increase product familiarity with prospective clients.

Direct mail is distinguishable from other types of media, in that it is the only directly measurable advertising medium. By using direct mail, you are able to track what has been mailed, when it was mailed, number of responses generated, and cost per order averages.

With over 50,000 lists available, finding the right list is imperative to an effective campaign.To be successful with any direct marketing campaign it is important to first recognize who your clients are in order to target them effectively with a specified mailing list. AllMedia's list brokerage division can help you achieve the results you expect from your direct mail program and avoid the pitfalls that are inherent to any advertising campaign.

A list broker is a professional marketer and consultant, who plays a very important role in the direct marketing process. As a consultant, your broker will find the right lists in accordance with a specified marketing campaign. During the list rental process, the broker's responsibilities include research, list analysis, list recommendations, order placement, and handling all monetary transactions.

After evaluating your current marketing strategies, AllMedia will subsequently determine the probable effectiveness of different mailing lists. Comparing various databases of lists, including databases not available to the public, AllMedia will match your campaign criteria with specific list content. Additionally, when selecting lists, your broker will take into account the size of the list, cost, list selections and update frequency. Lastly the broker will analyze list effectiveness used in previous campaigns.

After researching the available pool of potential lists, your list broker will analyze and evaluate the potential of each list, comparing size, quality of the list, demographic and psychographic profiles,available segmentations, price and availability.

Our list brokerage team will make specific recommendations to you, regarding lists that will produce optimal results. In the recommendation, the broker will provide counts for certain geographical areas, usage information, advice on which selections to use, and recommendations on test quantities for each list presented.

Through the consultation process, your list broker will determine the order quantities for each list. Your list broker will then place the orders for the lists and coordinate the shipping arrangements.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our list brokers are more than list salesmen; they are true marketing consultants. Through trust, confidence and communication, our list brokers work with each client to create an effective marketing team.

At AllMedia we always research and know the mailing history of your competition. With 32 years of experience, AllMedia is an established force in the direct marketing industry. Over the years, we have developed important relationships throughout the list management and list brokerage industry, giving us a competitive advantage. Additionally, we will secure accurate universe counts prior to a rollout. Furthermore, we will give you precise and recent counts as well as competitive prices and discounts. Our dedicated list brokers stay up to date on new lists available to the market. Finally, by offering you a variety in list selection and services, we can make your direct marketing campaign profitable.


If your need more information about our list brokerage services or a custom recommendation please contact us at:

(469) 467-9100 or

AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100