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Finding the right list management team that can help you grow your list rental income or bring your list to the marketplace in a efficient and profitable manner can be daunting. You need a list management team that will aggressively represent your list to both brokers and mailers through direct mail, press releases, face to face meetings and telephone contacts. In addition your list management team must have a solid infrastructure in place to ensure that your list is properly maintained.

By selecting AllMedia to manage your house or compiled list, you can rely on competent professionals who have extensive experience and solid technical expertise in the list management field. Our proven track record of quality service since 1981 exemplifies us as a leader within the direct marketing industry.

To achieve complete success in this endeavor, you need a list management company upon whom you can depend to provide professional leadership, business integrity, attention to detail and courteous two-way communication. AllMedia is prepared to meet this challenge as we perform this important media function for you as your list manager.

WHAT IS A LIST MANAGER? [back to top]
A list manager allows you to run your primary business while creating additional revenue by renting your list of customers. A list manager gets your list ready for market, promotes your list and advises you on how you can increase your list rental revenue. In addition, a list manager handles all day-to-day activities involved with maintaining a list. It is important to note that as the list owner you are always in full control of who can rent your list and what they can send to your customers.

Our research begins with a thorough familiarization with your organization and customer base. We learn all we can about your business and its goods or services so to better enable us to translate this knowledge into selling features. By gathering this information, our list management staff will be able to identify elements that will encompass a strategic marketing plan for your list. This research process is especially crucial to new lists on the market. Because a new list has no proven track record of past usage, mailers and brokers must rely solely on the knowledge of the list manager to determine its usefulness on a particular direct marketing project.

We also conduct research on lists that are similar to yours. This allows us to appraise the competition that your list will face in the marketplace. By understanding the types of buyers that particular lists represent, i.e. income level, gender, marital status, presence of children in the home, credit purchase record and past response to direct mail offers, we are better able to successfully position your list with the appropriate users within the list rental community. Also, by knowing what is already available on the market, we can find a niche that other mailing or email lists are not presently addressing.

LIST MAINTENANCE [back to top]
In order for a list to be effective in the list rental market on an ongoing basis, it must be kept current with up-to-date names and correct information. Your house file should have a regular schedule of list maintenance with a computer house, by which all the names on your list will be verified, corrected, updated and modernized.

AllMedia's list management team will help you develop a set of criteria that will serve as your list maintenance plan, so that your house file will be kept current and up-to-date. Upon request, we will also make arrangements with a competent computer house to perform the scheduled maintenance on your list.

LIST SECURITY [back to top]
Your mailing list is the most important part of your direct marketing program. As such, any instance of theft or unauthorized duplication could be detrimental to the welfare of your business. At Allmedia, we understand the need for you to protect your list. Therefore, Allmedia takes all the necessary steps to insure against any type of loss or misuse of a mailing list.

The only reasonable control to protect against theft, unauthorized reproduction or fraudulent usage of a mailing list is a well-organized list security system. This protective measure involves seeding the list with decoy names (we contract with an outside vendor to provide this service) that are unusually spelled or addressed so that the recipients can tie each mail piece back to a specific list rental.

If you currently have no list security system in place, AllMedia will assist you in developing one. We can recommend firms specializing in list security that can seed your list with decoy names to protect against any unauthorized use.

In addition, as a secondary safeguard, AllMedia also adds additional seeds to the lists we manage for internal tracking and monitoring purposes.

Marketing your List

TRADE SHOWS [back to top]
AllMedia maintains a high profile at the major national and regional direct marketing trade shows conducted throughout the year. These conferences serve as meeting grounds for direct marketing professionals from all across the country. List managers have an opportunity to interact and meet with hundreds of list brokers at these conferences to conduct one-on-one personal marketing of the lists that they manage. Our list managers have found that the most effective way to sell a list involves building relationships and loyalties among mailers and brokers by providing well researched recommendations and consistent follow-up.

The most successful and profitable marketing technique we can implement is to write a detailed description of your list and distribute it to broker list reference databases. As your list manager, AllMedia will include your lists in the most widely used databases:

DM News

PRINT PUBLICITY [back to top]
One effective way of publicizing the availability of a mailing list or new segmentation of that list is through printed media. Our marketing department will prepare and place press releases and advertisements in appropriate publications, newsletters and email newsletters within the direct marketing industry and in trade journals pertaining specifically to your industry.

We utilize a number of resources to create leads for our list management clients.

- Our extensive publications/sample library
- Standard Rate and Data Service Directory of Mailing Lists
- Advertisers and Advertising Agencies Red Books
- Direct Marketing Marketplace
- Grey House Directory of Mail Order Catalogs
- Media Finder Directory of Catalogs
- Media Finder Directory of Magazines
- Major Mailers and What they Mail
- Attendance lists from direct mail trade shows
- Our own database of list owners and brokers
- Usage histories of competitive lists
- Numerous other sources are all combed for prospects

In order for a rental transaction to be arranged using your list, it must first be aggressively and strategically marketed to potential users. At AllMedia, this is accomplished chiefly through direct mail, email and telephone follow-up. As a part of the list management function, our staff markets our clients� lists to two distinct groups:

Much of our promotion budget and telephone time is spent with list brokers across the country. Brokers who act on behalf of mailing lists users arrange ninety percent of all list transactions. Brokers are actively engaged in seeking out lists that will best target the prospects for their clients. They recommend lists that are most appropriate for their mailers� direct mail programs.

List Users (Mailers)
Although list users have limited time to allocate to the activity of researching lists, they often appreciate having new lists ... and new approaches to using already available lists ... brought directly to their attention. Therefore, we communicate directly to mailers when appropriate. When they, in turn, asked their broker to research your list further, it generates twice the exposure and respect for your file and its marketing reach.

Account Management

ORDER PROCESSING [back to top]
Before a mailer may rent your list, he/she must obtain clearance from you, the list owner, in advance. Also, an actual sample of the mail piece that will be delivered must be submitted by the mailer for your approval. AllMedia represents you as an agent in this regard, first by obtaining the requisite information and a sample mail piece from the mailer and second by forwarding it to you for consideration.

Upon your approval of the transaction, we will accept and process the order, making the necessary arrangements for the rental of your list by securing an order form and a list rental agreement, which states the condition of usage, from the mailer. We also verify the credit eligibility of all clients before accepting a rental order and discuss past payment history with you when necessary. AllMedia requires pre-payment of all new unfamiliar clients, unless otherwise instructed by the list owner.

FINANCIAL [back to top]
As your list manager, AllMedia serves as your financial agent, handling all fiduciary responsibilities related to the rental or exchange of your list. Our accounting department will be responsible for the handling of all invoicing, collection, and disbursement of funds related to the rental of your mailing list.

BILLING [back to top]
AllMedia handles all billings and collections for you. Our accounting department invoices brokers/mailers for each rental occurrence. Upon collecting for use of the list, we deduct the management fee and promptly remit semi-monthly payment along with your financial reports.

AllMedia makes every effort when managing your list, to see that its users are credit worthy. Over the past several years we have experienced only .2% bad debt on all sides. Although we cannot guarantee 100% success in collecting accounts, we make every effort possible to secure payment. As sales people, our list managers understand the value of preserving the relationship with the customer when collecting payment. Unfortunately, there are times when the list manager cannot achieve collections. However, we have protected both you and ourselves by entering into an agreement with Dun & Bradstreet�s Collection Division for the purpose of collecting bad debts.

ONLINE REPORTS [back to top]
One of the most important tasks that we perform for you as list manager is keeping you well versed regarding the performance of your list in the rental market. Timely information is important if you are to evaluate our effectiveness. AllMedia maintains a computerized management operation to provide you with current and thorough reports. As a list management client you will be able to review your list rental reports instantly by accessing our web site.

If your need more information on our list management services or a custom proposal please contact us at:  (469) 467-9100 or

AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100