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  Mailing List Broker

If you want a reliable mailing list, you need a reliable mailing list broker. AllMedia has access to over 50,000 mailing lists across the country, including some lists not available to the general public. We take the time to ensure that the list we get for you is as recent as possible, so your next direct mailing campaign hits right on target.


At AllMedia, we are more than just a mailing list broker. Our expert researchers can recommend lists with credible sources, and steer you away from ones that are not so reputable.

Most importantly, we find the list that is right for your campaign. That means taking the time to find out what marketing materials you are using in your campaign, your target audience, your budget, and your ultimate goals, and then finding a mailing list that meets these criteria. We send you a summary report of our analysis and recommendations before we purchase your mailing list for you.

We go that extra mile because we know that if you are in the market for a mailing list now, chances are you will be in the market again in the future. AllMedia works hard to make sure we are the only mailing list broker you need.


Marketing is one of our strengths, especially when it comes to direct marketing campaigns. The AllMedia team can help you boost your response rate by implementing some of our proven marketing models. We'll even help you interpret models from publishers, compilers, and survey companies, and show you how to effectively work them to meet your goals.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of bringing us on board for your next direct marketing campaign is that we don't just find a mailing list that best matches your campaign, we can choose a list that will generate the responses you need and then tailor the campaign to that list. By knowing the geography, average age, income, and other variables of the list, we can help you speak directly to these people. We are a mailing list broker plus direct marketing consultant rolled into one.


Turn to AllMedia for:

  • Simple mailing list purchase
  • Multi-list purchases with single billing
  • Marketing consultation
  • Campaign management
  • International mailing lists

Our teams of brokers will work on your behalf to negotiate the best possible price for your list, and ensure that you get a reliable, updated list that is the perfect match for your campaign. Whether your campaign is targeting people around the nation or around the corner, AllMedia is the mailing list broker for you.

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To contact a mailing list broker about your next campaign, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your direct marketing programs, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100