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Mailing list management not only helps you keep up to date with your customer contacts, but it can also represent a separate revenue base. Renting your customer list to other reputable marketers can provide you another revenue stream and allow you to indirectly inform your customers of other offers that may be of interest to them. Although managing your lists in-house is possible, it usually best to outsource the task to a professional mailing list management team.

As your mailing list management team, AllMedia will ensure that your lists are accurate and up-to-date. We take care of all the little, but vitally important details that will keep your client list a reliable source of information.

List Maintenance - AllMedia will make sure your current contacts are up-to-date through regular verifications and corrections. We also ensure that your opt-out customers are removed from your active lists, and that your additions are added correctly.

List Security - We protect your list from theft or misuse by using advanced software to keep your list locked from unwanted eyes during storage and transfer. When renting your list, we also provide decoy contacts to ensure that buyers only use your list within the terms of your rental contract.

List Marketing - When you decide to rent your lists, AllMedia represents you to buyers, databases, and other list brokers. We advertise your lists, negotiate the terms of the agreements, ensure that the terms are met, handle all billing, and provide online reports of your list rental income.


If you are renting your lists for the first time, then securing AllMedia as your list manager is especially important. AllMedia is recognized as one of the top 50 business mailing list managers in the country, and has obtained and provided reliable list sources since 1981. Buyers will be more likely to rent your list - and at a higher price - because they know AllMedia to be one of the most reputable mailing list managers in the business.

We can also point out some information that you may not be asking of your customers, things that will help your business in its CRM efforts, and help increase your rental value. We can implement and streamline your customer lists to include new data from your changes, and request the new information fields from previous customers in our regular updating schedule.

It is important to note too that when you outsource your mailing list management to AllMedia, you still keep complete control over your mailing lists. We act as brokers when renting, and we store, maintain, and update the information for you. But ultimately it is you, and only you, who gives final approval for any use of your lists.

Find out today how outsourcing your mailing list management can improve your CRM and customer communications, and create another revenue stream through renting your lists to others.

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If you are interested in finding out more about our mailing list management services, contact us today at: (469) 467-9100 or

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