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Mailing Lists copy  Mailing Lists

Finding the right mailing lists can mean the difference between a profitable direct mail campaign and a campaign that does not cover the cost of the mailing. Finding targeted mailing lists that have well known sources and a history of providing excellent response rates is what we do best.

In addition to finding lists that have historically produced high response rates, we can save you money on your next mailing list purchase because of the discounts we receive as a result of the millions of names that we purchase for hundreds of our clients each year. Take advantage of our 32 years of experience in the direct marketing industry by choosing AllMedia as your mailing list vendor and avoid all of the costly mistakes that can be made when deciding which mailing lists are right for your next campaign.


The quality of your lists depends on how much experience your account executive (list broker) has in the direct marketing industry. Our brokers have an average of 16 years of experience choosing lists and creating successful direct marketing campaigns. Your mailing list broker is a professional marketer and consultant, who plays a very important role in the direct marketing process. As a consultant, you broker will find the right mailing lists in accordance with your specified marketing campaign. During the list rental process, your list broker will research mailing lists, provide mailing list analysis, offer mailing list recommendations, coordinate placing orders, and handle all monetary transactions.


Direct marketing mailing lists are separated into three separate categories based upon the source of the data. Compiled lists are gathered from telephone directories, government data, etc. Compiled data lists can then be overlayed with census data giving you a better idea of the income, ethnicity, and ages of individuals in certain areas. Compiled lists are an excellent choice when you are looking to do a saturation mailing of a certain zip code or city. A compiled list may not give you the high response rate that a response list is more likely to deliver, but often the list cost savings will make up for the difference.

Response mailing lists are made up of individuals who have inquired or bought a particular product recently. The success of using a response list is based upon how recently the individuals on the list made a purchase. Buyers who have purchased a product within the previous 3 months are usually excellent prospects for a direct mail campaign. These buyers are referred to a hotline buyers. If a buyer is in the market for a particular product, it has been shown that the same buyer is more likely to respond to a similar offer within 3-6 months of the initial purchase. Response mailing lists also have better performance because they are more targeted. For example, if you were trying to sell dog leashes, a good mailing list to purchase would be from a catalog that sells dog toys. In doing this, you know the individuals who are going to receive your direct mail piece have dogs and have recently purchased a product for their dog.

Subscriber lists are comprised of individuals who are active subscribers to Fortune, Sports Illustrated, Town and Country, etc. The fact that subscribers are willing to pay for a subscription to these magazines tells you they value the content of the magazine. Subscriber lists can be a great source of names to get your direct mail campaign started in the right direction.

Your mailing list broker will discuss all of these options and many more during your initial discussions about what you are selling, your target audience, customer locale, and your budget.


After evaluating your current marketing strategies, AllMedia will subsequently determine the probable effectiveness of different mailing lists. Comparing various databases of mailing lists, including databases not available to the public. AllMedia will match your campaign criteria with specific list content. Additionally, when selecting lists, you broker will take into account the size of the list, cost, list selections and update frequency. Lastly the broker will analyze list effectiveness used in previous campaigns. Our research process time varies from job to job, but the average time is between a couple of hours to one week depending on the size and specifics of the order. Our mailing list research is the most thorough in the industry, which will give you the best chances for excellent result in your next direct marketing campaign.


With over 50,000 mailing lists on the market, finding the right list can be a daunting task. AllMedia can efficiently navigate the large amounts of data available for consumers by using databases that can perform keyword searches on all of the available lists on the market. After researching the available pool of potential lists, your list broker will analyze and evaluate the potential of each list, comparing size, quality of the list, demographic and psychographic profiles, segmentations, price and availability.


Our list brokerage team will make specific recommendations to you regarding mailing lists that will produce optimal results. In the recommendation, the broker will provide counts for certain geographical areas, usage information, advice on which selections to use, and recommendations on test quantities for each mailing list presented. The minimum quantities for the lists selected will also be listed on the recommendation. Many response lists have minimum orders of 5,000 names. However if this quantity is more than what is appropriate for your mailing list needs, we will base our recommendations on compiled list sources. In addition, we can look at some other options including databases, which are groups of similar lists that are all put together in one database. When purchasing lists from a database, you only pay for the names you take out, not the entire amount of each list. There are many options to help you maximize the amount of quality names and addresses you will be able to purchase within you budget requirements.

Through the consultation process, your mailing list broker will determine the order quantities for each list. Your list broker will then place the orders for the lists and coordinate the shipping arrangements. With current technology it is now possible to have completed researching, ordering, and sending your lists to you within a couple of hours, depending on the complexity of the order.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our mailing list brokers are more than list salesmen; they are true marketing consultants. Through trust, confidence and communication, our list brokers will work with you to create an effective marketing team.

With over 30 years of experience, AllMedia is an established force in the direct marketing industry. Over the years, we have developed important relationships throughout the list management and list brokerage industry, giving us a competitive advantage. Furthermore, we will give you precise and recent counts as well as competitive prices and discounts for your selected mailing lists. Our dedicated mailing list brokers stay up to date on new lists available to the market. Finally, by offering you a variety in list selection and services, we can make your direct marketing campaign profitable.

If your need more information on mailing lists or need a free mailing list recommendation please contact us at: (Your inquiry will be handled within one hour if you email us.)

(469) 467-9100 or

AllMedia Inc. | Plano, Texas | Telephone: 469-467-9100