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  Millionaire Mailing Lists

So how many names can you find in millionaire mailing lists? Try over 7.5 million, according to a CNN Money report. A survey conducted in 2004 measured the net worth of families (not including primary residences) found that this growing market jumped 21% in just three years. Those in the $5 million club swelled by an even greater margin of 38%. Overall, about 7% of households in the U.S. are considered to be millionaires - and the list brokers at AllMedia Inc. can help you find them through a variety of reliable, accurate millionaire mailing lists.

In business since 1981, we have helped our clients improve the impact of their direct marketing campaigns through knowledgeable list brokerage, expert list research, and even some general marketing methods. We have seen which campaigns work and which ones don't so that you can get the most from your millionaire mailing lists before you send out your expensive marketing packages.

For example, don't assume that everyone on millionaire mailing lists are just waiting for an excuse to spend their money. In fact it can be quite the opposite - after all, the rich didn't get rich by spending their money. Most millionaires worked hard and lived frugally to get to where they are today. Although they obviously can afford the finer things in life, perhaps even more so than the average consumer they want to see the value in everything they buy.

A good rule of thumb is to present your offer as some type of investment (although you may not necessarily use that term.) Financial products are easy to portray as investments, but what about jewelry, boats or vacations? These are all investments too: in quality family time, in important breaks from long days of hard work, in appearance and cost of doing business. Yes, a Jaguar is a status symbol, but it is also an important business tool � how seriously would you take Donald Trump if he drove up in a beat up car? Marketing to potential customers on your millionaire mailing lists with the investment angle in mind will help boost your response.


These are just a few tips on how you can improve your campaign using millionaire mailing lists, but of course every campaign is unique. Contact the list brokers at AllMedia today for a free consultation, and we will help you understand how you can benefit from our list research and marketing services. If this is your first time putting together a direct mail campaign, we'll walk you through the steps of the list rental process - you'll see how much easier it is even for experienced direct marketers to use AllMedia to broker mailing lists.

Call us now to find out how our list brokers can get you the most reliable millionaire mailing lists, and target your best prospects that will make your next campaign a success!

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