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new homeowner picture  New Homeowner Mailing Lists

New Homeowner mailing lists are an important source of leads for any kind of business that serves consumers. In the first few months after a family moves into a new home, they typically spend thousands of dollars on goods and services to finish or upgrade their new residence. Their purchases may include:

  • Keys & Locks
  • Furniture
  • Lawn and Garden Services and Supplies
  • Satellite or Cable Service
  • Tools
  • Patio Furniture
  • BBQ Grills
  • Home Security
  • Window and Floor Coverings
  • Appliances
  • Decorating Services

By sending marketing materials to New Homeowner mailing lists on a monthly basis, businesses can generate a regular flow of brand new traffic into their locations and onto their client lists. New homeowners come into their neighborhoods with no established relationships or loyalties to retailers or service professionals. Within a short time after their relocation, families will choose a new bank, dry cleaner, church, dentist, doctor, accountant, pest control service, and perhaps a pool cleaning service, and they will form new relationships with retailers of all kinds.


Let AllMedia's team of experienced list professionals help you select the highest quality data for your marketing campaigns. We can segment New Homeowner mailing lists by multiple criteria including:

  • Geography (state, county or zip code)
  • Hotline names (Weekly or Monthly)
  • Loan Type (Conventional, FHA, VA)
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Private Party Lender
  • Purchase Price
  • Rate Type (fixed, variable)
  • Sale Date / X-Date
  • Sale Type (New, Resale)
  • Seller Carry Backs
  • Down Payment Amount
  • Telephone Number

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