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  Physician Email Lists

Using physician email lists to target doctors and specialists is fast becoming a superior marketing method. According to Forrester Research, 88% of doctors have computers at their homes compared to just 58% of the total population. Further, 77% of physicians use the Internet for their practice as opposed to 41% of other workers.

That use is expanding. Currently 30% of doctors use email to regularly correspond with their patients in the U.S., but in Finland the number is closer to 79%. And although Electronic Medical Records (EMR) use is only at about 17% here, in Britain approximately 59% of physicians use them. These vast differences are due largely to the healthcare systems in each country; in state-run systems the government regulates how physicians run their practices and subsidize costs. In the U.S. doctors set up their own practices, and in most cases they have to absorb the cost of new technologies themselves.

So what does all of this mean to marketers considering physician email lists? That this target market, large as it is now, has lots of room to grow. Every day more and more doctors are expanding their use of technology for patient care. And the more Net-savvy they get, the more likely your email offer will connect. Internet-using doctors are almost always interested in other technological items like cell phones and PDAs, and are always looking for ways to improve patient care and office productivity.


Doctors are a great target market for all consumer goods because of their relative affluence. Luxury goods and vacation offers work well in this market, as do educational offers (for physicians who have children) and recreational products.


AllMedia can help you target this market through a variety of services. As professional list brokers since 1981, we can help you find the physician email lists that will reach your target market accurately and effectively. We can also help you design your email message, including HTML design and full content writing. And AllMedia can send your email for you, host your images, track your results, and manage your customer lists - even rent them on your behalf for another income stream!

Whether you are in the market for physician email lists or you need access to any of our marketing services, contact one of our service representatives today. We will customize a service package that meets your needs and will improve your results.

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