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Pool Owner Mailing Lists


  Pool Owner Mailing Lists

There are over 7.5 million residential pools throughout the United States, and most of these potential customers can be found in a pool owner mailing list.  According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), more and more people are staying at home rather than travel. With rising energy and fuel costs, this is not surprising.  As a result, many homeowners are spending money installing new pools and renovating old ones to make their space more enjoyable.  Now is definitely a great time to jump into this market with your pool-related product using pool owner mailing lists from AllMedia.

The latest trend is to create a “backyard oasis” instead of the traditional swimming pool/patio setup.  There are hundreds of different options including new styles, products, and materials that can help homeowners create a poolside lounge area fit for a movie star within a reasonable budget.  Complex designs such as “vanishing edge” pools, swim-up bars, in-pool seating, fiber optic lighting that illuminates the whole pool in different colors, pebbled bottoms, and a whole range of new ideas are becoming more popular, adding style and flair to the traditional backyard pool.

And then there is the surrounding area.  Many want to continue the effect by adding new decking, landscaping and fountains, spas and hot tubs, and patios and walkways, bringing “interior design” outdoors for a coordinated, theme-based look.

Many of these projects are attainable by the do-it-yourselfer.  Those who do take on their own renovations often spend weeks or months to carefully plan and coordinate their project.  During this time they are actively searching for information about products that will help them build their private oasis.  Finding the right customers at the right time and creating your own targeted pool owner mailing list is made easier with a little help from the professional list brokers and researchers at AllMedia Inc.


The quality of your pool owner mailing list is very important, and that is reason enough to seek the help of a professional list broker like AllMedia Inc.  But our list brokers take it an extra step by helping you customize the targeting for your list of pool owners to find the absolute best prospects for your offer. And that is key to success: the better you target your customers, the higher response and therefore the better results you’ll get.

No matter what your offer from pool cleaning supplies to full renovation solutions, we can help you find new customers in your local market.   Depending on your needs, we can narrow down your mailing list of pool owners based on several different filters, including geographic location, income level, home value and presence of children to name a few.

Contact AllMedia now to learn more about our free services, and how we can help you get your next direct marketing campaign the boost it needs to succeed. Don’t just buy any pool owner mailing list when you can research and create your own customized list for targeted results!

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