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  Residential Mailing Lists

Residential mailing lists represent the broadest range of demographics; according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 100 million households in America. This offers a lot of choice when finding residential mailing lists, but it also means that there is more room for inaccurate or outdated lists on the market.

AllMedia uses only reputable sources to compile your mailing list. We ensure that the contacts we get for you are accurate and as up-to-date as possible. And because we are an independent company with no affiliations to any one wholesaler, we can search through a wide variety of lists to find the one that best matches your campaign goals.

Best of all, it will cost you less. We are one of the largest mailing list brokers in the country, providing millions of names each year for our clients campaigns. By economy of scale, we are able to get you the best deals possible from list wholesalers - our costs are sometimes 50% less than our competitors.

With fast turnaround (often same day), reliable sources, and the lowest prices possible, AllMedia is clearly your best choice for list brokerage.


Our service doesn't stop at simple list brokerage. AllMedia helps you pick out the best leads from the literally millions of names on residential mailing lists. We take the time to learn your campaign and help you determine exactly who makes up your target market. Then we can search the lists for the basic demographics such as:

  • Geographic location (including street, city, county, state, zip, area code)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • New homeowners
  • New movers
  • Presence of children, grandparents, pets
  • Renters
  • Mobile home owners

These demographics will probably still give you a large number of names. With some creative thought about what types of people would most likely respond to your offer, we can sift by almost any specific demographic you can think of such as:

  • Current home value
  • Available equity
  • Square footage
  • Loan to value ratio
  • Current mortgage payment
  • Age of house
  • Presence of swimming pool
  • Recent purchases
  • Responders to direct mail offers
  • Specific consumer brands
  • Affiliations and clubs
  • Religion
  • Occupation
  • Homes within a specific radius of your storefront
  • And many, many more options

AllMedia has the expertise to help you identify the specific demographics of your target market, and then find the lists that contain them.


Contact one of our representatives for more information about how AllMedia can identify your specific demographics and find the residential mailing lists that will match you best.

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To contact a mailing list broker about purchasing residential mailing lists your next campaign, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your direct marketing programs, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

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