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Sales lead generation is critical to the success of your sales campaign. Without quality leads, your sales force will not only waste time chasing down poor prospects, your sales figures will be much lower than your targeted potential. There are several options when it comes to finding a list of high prospect leads, but ultimately the best method is to carry out a customized sales lead generation based on your own product or service.

This method creates higher sales because the leads gathered are people who have expressed an interest in your product or service. By using a variety of approaches such as direct mail and telemarketing, you can secure strong leads for your sales force to follow up and close the sale. In many cases, the sale may have in essence already been made, and all it takes is one call to seal the deal. This results in a higher conversion rate, and a higher ROI.

The sale may be easy, but that is because of all the marketing and preparation - the pre-sales campaign - is done ahead of time. It takes careful planning, marketing knowledge, and product knowledge to create a successful sales lead generation campaign. Some companies try to do this in-house, after all sales and marketing are not that far removed from each other. But in this case, an expert in sales may not have the tools to define the right market, weigh the right parameters, and know the right demographics that will determine their best sales leads. Sales is connecting with the customer on a personal level, trying to persuade them to say yes. Sales lead generation is the art of pinpointing ahead of time those customers most likely to say yes.


The professional marketers at AllMedia are experts at narrowing the field to include the most likely purchasers. We approach your campaign in a systematic way, working closely with your own team to learn your business and your product/service inside and out. Then we determine in a broad sense who your target markets might be, possibly finding some markets you may not have previously considered.

Then the real work of the Pre-Sales campaign begins. We use a variety of marketing tools at our disposal to prospect your identified target markets, developing leads that respond positively to your own product or service. Through carefully worded materials, we can determine the likelihood of a sale.

It is important to note that there are different levels of "likelihood," and breaking down the data is a key method to finding the right prospects. In some cases, we can determine a near-guaranteed sale where your sales person simply has to pick up the phone and sign the customer. But as with all sales, other people take longer to act, even though they will eventually purchase your product. We can categorize those that are ready to buy now, those who will likely buy later, and those who likely won't.


Since 1981, AllMedia has been an industry-leader in direct mail, list brokering, and sales marketing services. Thousands of businesses like yours have relied on us to increase their sales. AllMedia partners with our clients to build long-term relationships, so that your success becomes ours with your future patronage.

To contact a representative about our sales lead generation services, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve your sales, call us:

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