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Education is a lucrative market in the United States, and finding the right contacts through school mailing lists can be your foot in the door. The federal government alone spends over $70 billion per year on education. State and municipal governments add billions more to this pot, so even with the talk of "budget cutbacks", it is still a huge market.

Schools and districts not only purchase educational products like books and supplies, but also items such as maintenance tools, cleaning supplies, furniture, sporting equipment and other items. School boards and district organizations represent some of the most reliable customers you can have, and often buy in bulk amounts. The best way to find these customers is through school mailing lists.

The key to is to identify the people who are doing the buying. That is important, because to be effective in your sales you have to place your offer in front of the person who not only wants to buy your product, but has the power to do so. From School Administrators to key teaching staff by subject to support staff, AllMedia is able to target by a wide variety of titles to assure your offer is reaching your prime audience.


AllMedia has provided reliable, accurate business and consumer mailing lists to our clients since 1981. We can narrow your search to find the schools that will benefit most from your product or service by choosing different demographics. AllMedia can select schools by:

  • Size of enrollment
  • Average household income within district
  • Religious affiliation
  • Presence of music program(s)
  • Greatest percentage of at-risk enrollment
  • Department of Education federal funding recipients
  • Average expenditure per student
  • Blue Ribbon schools
  • Presence of PTA/PTO
  • Spanish-speaking households within district
  • And other demographics


  • Magnet schools
  • Montessori schools
  • Boarding schools
  • Charter schools
  • Department of Defense schools
  • Nursing schools
  • Barber & beauty schools
  • Medical & dental schools
  • Universities and colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Special Education and Needs schools
  • Home schooling families

AllMedia finds the teachers, staff, and administration on these school mailing lists with the buying authority needed.

Another avenue you may want to consider is "extracurricular" buying. Parents, teachers, professors, and administrators have an obvious interest in education even outside of school. We can find these potential customers too, based on previous spending habits on education-related products. If you are targeting the teen and youth market, we can also reach them too through magazine subscriptions and book club memberships.

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