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Small Business Marketing Overview
Small businesses have very specific marketing needs as dictated by their customer base, which is usually located within a 10 mile radius around their business. At AllMedia we solve the problem many small businesses have in finding one company they can trust to develop, implement, and track responses of a small business marketing campaign. We offer small businesses many turnkey services ranging from our creative design expertise to our knowledge of the printing industry, so you get the best prices and response on your marketing collateral. We have over 30 years of experience in the advertising industry that we will put to work for you.

Creative Design
Every small business marketing project needs to be interpreted correctly and acted upon by a prospect to be successful. AllMedia can help you develop marketing pieces that strike the perfect balance between creative design and copy. Many variables can affect how successful a marketing campaign is to the bottom line, however your design, mailing list, email list, copy, and offer make the biggest impact. Internet marketing campaigns are affected by how well your copy is written and which search engine services are used to implement you online campaigns. We will advise you along every step of the way if you allow us to create a marketing campaign for you. If you need a small number of postcards or if you only wanted to implement an online marketing campaign call us for a free proposal and we think you'll like what you see.

Door Hangers
Door hangers are an excellent way to get your name out to local residents. Door hangers provide an inexpensive way to heavily saturate a small locale with your advertisements. Our service has many advantages over other door hanger services. First, once the door hanger personnel are sent on their routes, there is a spot checking process which involves checking at least 4 houses on every block listed to receive your door hangers. A supervision officer signs off on the fact that the hangers were put on the doors. In addition the progress of the hanging is updated in real-time on the internet which we can see and let you know exactly when your project is completed and you can expect to start receiving new business.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing for small businesses can be an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers. With our proprietary email software we are able to track behaviors down to the individual level, which will let you know which customers/prospects opened your email and who clicked on selected links. This will allow you to send a follow up email, phone call, or direct mail piece letting them know a little bit more about the product they expressed interest in. Every small business should try to collect their customer email names so they can send offers about upcoming sales, events, and specials throughout the year. The holiday seasons are an especially good time to send out an email inviting your past customers to think about having a christmas party at your venue, or to try out your new dish. Whether you own a restaurant, vacuum store, or a retail store there is always a reason to send out an exciting email to inform your customers about sales they wouldn't otherwise know about. Call us at 469-467-9100 to ask us how to implement an email marketing campaign into your small business marketing plan.

Internet Marketing / Search Engine Marketing
The internet is driving new business to companies daily. There are millions of searches on the different search engines daily for every product imaginable. To compete in this highly competitive online world you need to have someone who knows how to drive traffic to your web site. There are two distinct but equally effective ways to drive traffic to a web site. First, is to optimize you current web site so search engines find you more easily than your competitors and second is to pay for your search engine results. Both have advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered in developing a comprehensive online campaign. Creating new leads and prospects that convert into buyers is the only true measurement of the success of an online campaign. As your online marketing partner we will create an online marketing strategy to meet and surpass your goals.

Local Print Placement
Local magazines as well as national periodicals can expose your company to thousands of new prospects. Besides creating the creative for your next ad, we will coordinate the entire insertion process. Printing specifics, color guidelines, and artwork format are very important when placing ads in magazines, but at AllMedia we have the graphics software and design knowledge to make the whole experience easy. Placing your ads in local magazines is one of the fastest and most effective means of getting a small business marketing campaign off to a great start.

An inexpensive way to send your high quality message to thousands of local residents is to use postcards. The look and feel of professionally produced postcards can give your company excellent results. Postcards are a good choice to reach a large local audience, because local mailing lists are effective in targeting very specific individuals based on their demographics. In addition, postcard postal rates are much lower than standard mail. At AllMedia we can help you design, print, address, and ship your pre sorted postcards (so you get the best postal rates) to the post office.

Newspaper Insertion
Our small business marketing services includes placing your ads or coupons in local newspapers. Adding newspaper ad placement to your overall marketing campaign is an effective way to reach a major city at very low cost. The advantage of placing your ad in the newspaper is that you save on postage. You will not have to pay the .37 for every piece you send out.

Val-Pak / Money Mailer
Val-Pak and Money Mailer allow you to saturate a particular zip code or area of the city. This type of advertisement, typically called a co-op, can bring great results. Valpak and Money Mailer both have very high open rates, because consumers instantly recognize the highly visible branded envelopes. When you insert your coupon or advertisement into these marketing vehicles you will get your message out to several thousand people in your area and save money on postage. AllMedia can design your advertisement as well as get you lower prices than if you were to go directly to Val-Pak and Money Mailer because we are a wholesaler.

Yellow Pages
The foundation of many small business marketing campaigns are yellow page ads. These ads provide qualified leads for your business and because individuals are looking for your product when they find your ad. We can help you with the design and placement of your ads so you get the maximum number of sales leads possible. Yellow Pages are a good place to start advertising, however online yellow pages is quickly becoming the starting point for many individuals when they are looking for a product or services. If you are interested in having individuals find your product or service easily on the internet, then we can help. Our internet services have many resources at their disposal to have your company seen on the internet.

It's just not enough to put a small ad in the yellow pages and hope for tons of new business, that is why AllMedia has nine different services to choose from when deciding where to put your marketing dollars. Print media has been a staple for many businesses in the past, however as we move into the future if you are not found on the internet when someone searches for (ex. plumbing supplies in Dallas Texas) then your business will be hurt.

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