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targeted email lists  Targeted Email Lists

The most important part of your direct email campaign is finding the right targeted email lists. You could have the best offer in the history of marketing for your new ingenious cat toy, but chances are you will not have many sales if all your recipients are dog owners. AllMedia can help you find the targeted email lists that will get you results, getting your cat toys in front of the cat lovers who will be most likely to buy.

Unlike other forms of direct marketing like direct mail and telemarketing, there are several different factors that you must consider when buying targeted email lists. Many of these are technical, like making sure your IP is properly configured to send out large mailings and formatting your HTML code to avoid getting blocked by spam filters. Following CAN-SPAM regulations is another important factor, and many email marketers do not even realize that they are breaking the law with some of the materials they are sending - even legitimate email marketers can overlook minor provisions that could cause them to get into a lot of trouble.

And then there is the marketing side. Using targeted email lists for email marketing is usually cheaper since the need for postage and expensively printed marketing materials is eliminated. But it is also a different type of marketing, with a different set of rules. For example, 41% of respondents - the second-highest ranked factor - said that the subject line was an important determining factor when deciding to open an email, according to a DoubleClick report. This is where most email marketers fail, and where you can get the edge.

(Know and trust the sender was the highest-ranked factor, something you will achieve too as your customer base grows.)


With over 15 years of email experience, AllMedia will give you the edge by finding the right targeted email lists and ensuring that your email marketing meets all the requirements for maximum deliverability, open rates, response and click-throughs, and of course sales. Using AllMedias marketing services will pay for itself because with our help you will increase your ROI and your bottom line. We are experts in all aspects of email marketing including list research and brokerage, product marketing, and technical issues.

We track your success through advanced software programs so that you will get measurable results, as well as analysis that will help you get better and better at finding and selling to your targeted customers.

To find out more about targeted email lists, email marketing, and CAN-SPAM compliance, contact AllMedia right now either by phone or by email and make sure that your campaign is the best it can be.

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To contact an email list broker for more information about targeted email lists for your next campaign, or for more information about how AllMedia can improve the results of your targeted email marketing programs, call us at: (469) 467-9100 or e-mail us at

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