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  Teacher Mailing Lists

With over 3.5 million teachers working in the U.S. alone, you have a lot of room to narrow your teacher mailing lists to a very tight segment of this large sector. You can break down your lists in any number of ways: by state or city, public or private school teachers, teachers at religion-based schools (e.g. Catholic and Jewish school boards), trade school teachers, pre-school teachers, high school teachers, department heads, teachers involved in extra-curricular sports - there are literally hundreds of ways you can narrow your teacher mailing lists which will allow you to target the market to get the best response to your offer.

Teachers represent an excellent market for a number of different products. Educational tools, books, and games are obvious. But you can also use your teacher mailing lists to reach customers about your office supplies, science equipment, software, computers, high-tech products, and any number of products that help their kids learn better and make a teacher's day easier. As a group, teachers generally are interested in arts and festivals, and other intellectually stimulating events and products as well.


What you may not know about this market is that it is extremely fluid. Approximately 1.1 million teachers are "in transition", according to a January 2003 National Commission on Teaching and America's Future report. That means that the average school experiences a turnover of almost a third of its teachers. Turnover occurs for three main reasons: new teachers are entering the profession, teachers are moving to another school, teachers are quitting/retiring.

This could have a huge impact on your sales if you do not have accurate teacher mailing lists. Teachers are not as likely to respond to your educational offer if they are no longer teaching. And they certainly won't if they have moved and don't even see your offer!

AllMedia is a respected and reliable list broker who can get you up-to-date, accurate teacher mailing lists that will have a high-delivery rate. We ensure that your lists come from only the best sources, and our team of list researchers will help you narrow your lists to find those best prospects.

We can even help reach markets that you may not have even thought of. For example, your teaching/learning software might bring you lots of individual sales from teachers, but what about selling large quantities directly to the schools? AllMedia can find the principals, vice-principals, administrators, and board trustees that have the power to purchase your product on a large scale so that you get even higher return on your marketing investment.


Contact one of our professional list brokers, researchers, and marketers for your teacher mailing lists right now. We'll help you avoid the pitfalls, and keep you on track to a successful - and profitable - direct marketing campaign.

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